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  • 04. End of Tenancy - Studio £109 £89
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The Benefits of Green Cleaning

Cleaning was never easy, but with time, people found the most efficient ways to do it. Nowadays, natural cleaning becomes more popular with every day and many people choose it because it is environmentally friendly. Choosing to go green has never been so positive and the benefits it will bring you will be countless. Perhaps it’s time to turn your back on expensive and filled with chemicals cleaning products and heavy machines that don’t quite clean the way they are expected! We have done our research in the green cleaning area and we are here to share our list filled with benefits of the eco cleaning methods, products and techniques!

Let’s start with the fact that your own home will be cleaned with natural products, which means that dirt will be gone thanks to cleaners found in the nature, because chemicals are definitely not the only way to deal with the cleaning problems. Green tenancy cleaning services means that the interior surfaces of your home will be not damaged at all, unlike they might be, if you clean with some chemicals-based cleaning products.

Green cleaning will ameliorate the air quality in your whole home. With no chemicals residue hanging in the air, you will definitely feel better. Also, homemade cleaning products, or green ones found in a store probably (if not certainly) have essential oils, so you will not only clean everything perfectly, but it will smell however you like it. If you make your own home cleaning solution, you can choose whichever essential oil you prefer, as many of them have not only antibacterial powers, but add a nice scent to the mixture!

Clean home environment means healthier family members. Toxins, as poisonous they are to the surfaces, even more poisonous they are to us. Nobody wants to live in a home with hidden chemicals everywhere, so green cleaning is a must-do if you want to make sure cleaning procedures doesn’t affect yours and your family’s health. The same rule applies to pet-friendly homes, as not all cleaning products on the market are good for your pets.

Cleaning with natural products means that you will not have to use any gloves, neither for windows wiping, nor for floors. As all the ingredients of your cleaning solutions will be natural and in no way harmful to your skin and health, you will not have any troubles with rashes, itching and similar skin reactions to the various chemicals.

Another great advantage of the natural products used for home cleaning is that they are much less cheaper, which will effect positively your budget. Using lemon and vinegar, salt and baking soda, and similar cleaning solutions, which you already have in your home, is definitely easier and not at all expensive. Apart from the price, their efficiency is definitely high and the results are even better than those by cleaning with chemicals-based solutions.

If you are a sensible parent, one advantage you will gain from green cleaning is that your kids will be able to clean with you. Of course, kids don’t have to scrub floors or wipe windows. They have less responsibilities, but they will be able to freely do them without you watching over your shoulder and constantly worrying. They will also be healthier with none exposure to chemicals residue in the environment of your home.

Have you ever noticed that cleaning products often don’t have an ingredients section on the bottle/container? This is another reason why making your own home cleaners is much better than trusting something, that you are not at all familiar with.

Green cleaning is definitely a thing you should at least try, simply because it has the most positive effect on the environment. Nowadays, cars, factories, different cleaning chemicals and many others are the most common pollutants of the environment.

Nature gave us the opportunity to have fresh air thanks to trees and various other plants, but in exchange we fill our seas with plastic; our rivers with chemicals; cars pollute the air exceptionally much; people throw litter wherever they want. The results for the environment are devastating, and not only that we have to live with them, but our heirs one day, will live in even worse circumstances. The one thing we can do, at least begin from there, is to switch to green cleaning products and methods. This way, we will help our nature recover slowly, but securely. We should start thinking more about the environment’s health, because it has an effect on our health. Little steps are necessary to be made and what better way to do it than start cleaning with all-natural products?

The green cleaning products, available on the market and those you make at home are all:

  • Allergens free (if not those at the store, at least these you make yourself will be friendly to your allergies and not harm your health);
  • Efficient, if not more, then at least as much as the ones, available on the market;
  • Proven to reduce chemicals exposure;
  • Known for reducing dust;
  • Suitable and gentle to various types of surfaces;

At the end of our article, we want to remind you that the positive side of using chemical-free and environmentally friendly cleaning products is not just one. Many are the reasons which should motivate you to choose thee green cleaning and we are sure you will make the right choice!