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Household Green Cleaning Tips

Every day people clean their homes, and even offices. They make sure the windows are wiped perfectly, without any strikes; kitchen looks flawless and they could eat off the floor; carpets are thoroughly cleaned and their colours look brighter; air quality is refreshed and has a nice scent; and many other similar activities, until everything looks perfect in their own eyes. We admire those people and we give them a motivating round of applause, however, are they really that perfect, in their heads and in the eyes of everyone else?

Studies about cleaning

Different studies around the globe have shown, still show, and will probably continue to tell you that the cleaning products you use to clean on your own are not that good for your home environment, for the environment as a whole and especially for your own health. The problem is that many manufacturers avoid giving a list of the substances and ingredients of the different cleaning products, which should alarm you the next time you are wondering which product to buy from the market.

Problems with cleaning products bought on the market occur not only every day, but cause issues to your health even in the course of years. The main reason or these problems is the fact that the majority of the cleaning products on the market are filled with dangerous and poisonous chemicals. The consequences may not only lead to the bad air quality of the whole property and coughing while wiping the windows (because of the harsh odour of the cleaner), but can affect your health seriously and cause you issues and diseases like asthma, allergies, skin irritations and many others.

We know that your life and health are definitely the most important things to you, so we are here to help you get rid of these poisonous chemicals and introduce you to green cleaning practices! Some people find professional cleaning services too expensive, so they prefer to perform the cleaning procedures on their own. We support them and we want to be helpful! We created these articles with the purpose to give you some reasonable tips on implementing green cleaning at your home.

Green cleaning means that every cleaning procedure is to be performed with all-natural cleaning products, made of ingredients you can find in your fridge, kitchen cupboard, in your garden, etc. Apart from eliminating chemicals from your cleaning routines, you will be able to afford more cleaning products, as these natural ingredients are less expensive than the ruthless poisonous cleaning products sold by manufacturers. Welcome to our home green cleaning guide and tips!

Tips for Eco Cleaning Your Home

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