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What you should look for when you are buying a cleaning product

Are you one of those people who chooses the cleaning product depending on the price or the attractiveness of the bottle? You may not even assume it but choosing the right product for cleaning your precious home is actually one of the most important decisions you will ever make in your life. No joking allowed, this is the naked truth! When it pertains to the safety and health of your family, along with the impact on nature, buying the right cleanser for the chores can make an enormous difference. If you still have not thought about it, take your time and do it now.


Probably one of the questions running at full speed in your mind is whether the green cleaning products actually worth it or not? Being environmentally friendly is definitely one of the newest trends, it can even become a little bit overwhelming when you do want to deep clean your home while trying not to harm the environment at the same time.

What’s the difference between regular and eco-friendly products?

Without a question, the ingredients. Regular cleansers consist of harsh chemicals in order to fight the stubborn grime and stains. Even though they get the job well done, they are definitely not the safest alternative, nor they protect the environment. Actually, they can affect the ability to breathe well and can deteriorate the air quality. What is even more dangerous, they can aggravate asthma and various allergies. Scary, isn’t it? On the other hand, environmentally responsible products use plant-based and non-harmful ingredients to sanitise.

There is another difference- how you use them. Most of the products do not require much scrubbing, nature responsible products, too. In case you have the right tools, nature responsible products can also cut through grease and pesky stains.

Key tips for choosing the right cleaning products

Since most of us know that we need to use safe, eco-friendly cleansers, unluckily, not everything in the market works to our benefit. There are miscellaneous products that consist of toxic, detrimental chemicals that may do the cleaning in a proper manner but they definitely do not do a lot to protect our health. These harmful chemicals often leave residues and deteriorate the air quality. Choosing the right, safe products are of a great importance. Let us make your decision a lot easier!

#1 Ingredients do matter

Make sure to take a look at the ingredient list. Take your time because you are about to make an important decision. If the product does not have a label with the ingredients, do not even think about buying it. Instead, contact the company and do not purchase the cleanser. Transparency is essential when choosing the right products. Perhaps there are safe products without the ingredients listed but how do you know whether the product is safe or not? The lack of an ingredient list is a stopper and you should not risk buying the product.

#2 Know what to watch out for

  • Chlorine bleach: No doubt, bleach is very strong but it can cause eye and lungs irritations. If possible, try to avoid buying it. There is another plus, if you have ever used bleach and accidentally stained your clothes, you know that you can never get rid of the discolouration. No bleach, no spots!
  • Butyl Glycol, Monobutyl, Ethylene Glycol: Most cleansers contain it but it is extremely dangerous to the nervous system.
  • Ammonia: If you have little children, you surely do not want it in your home. Ammonia is toxic if swallowed, inhaled or even touched.
  • Antibacterials/ Disinfectants: Actually, you do not need these when a bit of soap and plain water will work just as well.

#3 Act smart

Do not let the labels mislead you. There are some labels that say “eco-friendly” or “non-harmful” which certainly does not mean that they are safe. Yes, it is the right place to start when you are choosing the right product, but check it first. Take a look at the ingredients and judge for your own peace of mind.

Products give you all the information whether they are dangerous or not. Even though you may have to take your time to look at a number of cleaning products before choosing the right one, you will be thankful in the end. Make sure to stay away from products which say “Caution”, “Poisonous”, “Warning”, etc. It is not that difficult! Choose products which do not say that they are dangerous or toxic.

#4 Keep in mind your options

Yes, there are plenty of fantastic products to clean your home. Know them and use them! Choosing the right cleaning products can even save you lots of money and you will appreciate the absence of toxins and harsh chemicals in your house.

  • Baking soda is fantastic for cleaning most of the surfaces in your home. When it comes to dealing with hard water stains or unpleasant smells, baking soda is your partner. Simply mix it with plain water to scrub clean surfaces and worktops. You can also add it to white vinegar or liquid dish soap to deep clean tiles, basins, shower cabins, pans or even stains on carpets or clothes.
  • Lemon juice is a natural bleacher and disinfectant. It is fantastic in cutting grease, too.
  • Borax can be used for home cleaning. Just be careful if you have small children because it is not safe if ingested.
  • Washing soda is stronger than baking soda and can be used as a laundry additive.
  • White vinegar and apple cider vinegar are your heroes when it comes to cleaning. You can use it to disinfect toilets, taps, sinks, shower cabins and even mildew. Add it to the multi-purpose cleaner and spray it all over the affected areas. If you add it to your laundry, it will work wonderfully as a softener.

Broadly speaking, there is no reason not to choose the environmentally friendly products over those laden with chemicals. Not only are environmentally friendly products free of harmful toxins that can cause health problems but also reduce the impact on the nature.